Q: What is 360 photo?

A: A 360 photo is a photo that you can interact with and rotate to view the entire captured area. It’s a spherical, panoramic image captured through a special 360 degree camera.

Q: What is a 360 virtual tour and what does it do?

A: You’ve probably seen Google Street View, or a real estate property that offered a virtual tour of the inside. That’s what we offer, but for businesses. We can connect Google Street View, so that people can virtually step from the street into your business and have a look around. A 360 Virtual Tour is a composition of 360 degree photos that are put together to create an online panoramic display that allows the viewer to experience a place on any online device as if they were walking through it.

Q: When I purchase photos from Lynx do I get the copyrights to those photos?

A: Yes – after the photos are delivered, they belong to you.